Accepted papers

A Proposed Keyword-Based Feature Extraction Approach for Single/Multi-Labeling Classification of User Requirements for Egyptian Mobile Apps Arabic Slang Reviews
Using Requirements Clustering to Discover Dependent Requirements for Hidden Impact Analysis
DoS attacks detection in the network of drones: An efficient Decision Tree-based method
How the Various Aspects of Students Identity Associated Affect Academic Performance
A Proposed Framework for Cloud Immunization In-formation System: Challenges and Opportunities
Diagnosis Hepatitis B Using Machine and Deep Learning: Survey
Using Grasshopper Optimization in Big Data
A Comparative study for anonymizing datasets with multiple sensitive attribute and multiple records
Modeling of Changes in the Cognitive Status of Patients after Coronary Bypass Surgery based on EEG Data
A Proposed Virtual Learning Model based on Statistical Analysis of Educational Data of Egypt
A data brokering architecture to guarantee nonfunctional requirements in IoT applications
Hybrid Coral Reef Optimization Algorithm Employed Local Search Technique for Job Shop Scheduling Problems
Digital educational platforms in modern Russia: technologies, solutions, risks and services in the context of smartization
The Role of Block Chain Technology in Reducing Corruption within the Local Governance in Egyp
Detecting Fake News Spreaders on Twitter Through Follower Networks
A Semi-supervised Learning Application for Hand Posture Classification
NODDLE: Node2vec based deep learning model for link prediction
Explore the relationship between procedural score feedback and subsequent time allocation and learning outcomes of learners in a MOOC