Call for Workshop Papers: Big Data Applications in Smart Cities

Important Dates

Submission Deadline

2 August 2024

Notification Deadline

23 August 2024

Camera-ready Deadline

13 September 2024

Scope and Topics

As cities worldwide face increasing challenges related to population growth, resource constraints, and climate change, the importance of sustainable city planning has never been greater. In recent years, the significance of Big Data as a tool for understanding and improving our world, especially in the domains of urban planning and design, cannot be overstated. Indeed, Big data analytics has emerged as a powerful tool to inform and enhance sustainable city planning efforts, and its applications have sparked a revolution, fundamentally altering the approach to urban development. This call for workshop seeks to explore the scope of Big Data applications in smart cities and urban planning and invites researchers to contribute original research, case studies, and theoretical perspectives on this topic.

Particular topics of interest include:
– Cloud environments for large-scale urban data analysis.
– Big Data analysis methods for urban sustainability.
– Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence solutions for Urban Planning, and Development.
– Sensor, Blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies in Smart Cities.


All speakers will be invited to submit an article to a Special Issue organized by the Cognitive Computation journal (Springer-Nature)

Paper Submission

Papers should be submitted through EAI ‘Confy+‘ system, and have to comply with the Springer format (see Author’s kit section).

  1. Regular papers should be up to 12-20 pages in length.
  2. Short papers should be 6-11 pages in length.

All conference papers undergo a thorough peer review process prior to the final decision and publication. This process is facilitated by experts in the Technical Program Committee during a dedicated conference period. Standard peer review is enhanced by EAI Community Review which allows EAI members to bid to review specific papers. All review assignments are ultimately decided by the responsible Technical Program Committee Members while the Technical Program Committee Chair is responsible for the final acceptance selection. You can learn more about Community Review here.

Author’s kit – Instructions and Templates (SPRINGER)

Papers must be formatted using the Springer LNICST/ EASICC Authors’ Kit.

Instructions and templates are available from Springer’s LNICST homepage:

Please make sure that your paper adheres to the format as specified in the instructions and templates.

When uploading the camera-ready copy of your paper, please be sure to upload both:

  • a PDF copy of your paper formatted according to the above templates, and
  • an archive file (e.g. zip, tar.gz) containing the both a PDF copy of your paper and LaTeX or Word source material prepared according to the above guidelines. 

Workshop Organizers

Workshop Chair

Dr. Saeid Pourroostaei Ardakani

Workshop TPC Members

Prof. Ali Cheshmehzangi
Prof. Mohsesn Sharifi
Prof Amir Taherkordi
Dr. Georgios Kapogiannis


Transport systems in industry 5.0
  1. Development of digital twins focused on decision-makers
  2. Industry 5.0 and Sports Science
  3. Workshop Chair: Carlos Martner
Attendance: scientists, students and professionals